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Policies & Etiquettes

When riding in a first class limo, there are rules to follow. Individuals following these easy limo etiquette tips will help contribute to a fun event without worries. These are a few tips on the dos and don’ts of renting a limousine that will keep you from ruining your experience. Take the time to review these few simple rules that will keep you from having to endure some of the pitfalls of the limousine industry. Riding in a limousine is a wonderful experience that is to be savored and enjoyed by you and those you bring along. Just like visiting an elegant restaurant or going to a fine hotel a limousine is one of the places that once your there you are there to impress. So act the part and ensure that your friends and family do as well and you will have one of the best experiences of your life.


1-First and foremost, safety should be the primary concern for the passengers and driver. Limousine driver will not transport more persons than the law allows. It is highly recommended that the party organizer rent a higher capacity limousine than the amount of people in the party. More space allows for a comfortable and safer ride. Be responsible inside and outside of the limousine. Treat the vehicle with respect.

2-Treat the Chauffeur with respect he/she is there to make your experience one to treasure.

3-Enjoy the look, the feel, the ride of this luxurious automobile.

4-Try to get the full experience of your ride and enjoy the top notch sound system or the amenities within the vehicle.

5-Tip the driver after the trip if it wasn’t included in the price, the norm is around twenty percent (20 %).

6-Make sure you know your itinerary and have a copy with you.

7-Keep a cell phone and make sure you get the Chauffeur’s cell number so you can call him when out of the vehicle.

8-Keep track of your passengers so as not to leave one behind at the end of a busy night.

9-Inspect the vehicle both before and after the ride to make sure it is in perfect condition prior and the same when your night is done.

10-Make sure that you have retrieved all cell phones, purses, bags, gadgets and keys before releasing the Chauffeur for the evening.

11-Have a great time and enjoy one of the best experiences ever!

As far as privacy during service, it is usually at the chauffer’s discretion whether the privacy windows are up or down.

13-All basic laws apply to all persons riding in the limo. These laws include underage drinking, drug use, and even standing through the sunroof. These three rules are big no nos. If caught, the limo customer can be held accountable for their actions. Most limo companies have policies that state if the customer abuses its rules, they have the right to terminate the ride without giving you a refund.

Smoking is not permitted on most limousines, although special arrangements may be made.


1-Keep rough housing or unruly behavior to a minimum in the back of the vehicle as things may get damaged and ruin the experience when you get the bill.

2-Do not allow you or your passenger to drink to heavily to the extent that someone may get violently ill inside of the vehicle.

3-Try not to converse excessively with the Chauffeur, because he/she is driving and this may cause an unnecessary distraction which is not safe for you and your passengers.

4-Don’t treat the Chauffeur rudly… his/her job is to make this a truly grand experience for you and your companions.

5-Don’t allow your passengers to mistreat the vehicle on the inside or the outside as this may lead to additional charges.

6-Don’t bring more passengers than you had indicated to the limousine service, because you will end up leaving someone behind.

7-Don’t ruin the experience by not taking the time to enjoy this truly amazing vehicle and the amenities that it has to offer. Sit back, relax and enjoy the feeling of a truly unique experience.

All of these suggestions will ensure that you have a successful and enjoyable outing that will leave memories that will last a lifetime. Good Luck!

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